My family and I been clients of Dr. Erin Foley for more than ten years. With my monthly acupuncture treatments I always feel less stress and much more refreshed. I have been fortunate to have Dr. Foley as my health advocate, especially while learning how to better handle the 50-plus female hormonal challenges. Dr. Foley is able to help her patients combine the best of today’s medical advances with the ancient wisdom of oriental medicine. Thank you Dr. Foley.

C.B. Ford

I had no idea how bad I was feeling until I felt better. Women often put their family first and that was the case for me, too. Erin is wonderful!


Erin is passionate about helping women feel their best. She is knowledgeable and dedicated to the issues many women suffer. I feel very at ease talking about my issues at her practice and feel that her suggestions have greatly improved how I feel physically as well as how I feel myself!